Meditation for Touching the Heartbeat of Mother Earth

Today I invite you to go inside and wonder at your own connection with the heartbeat of Earth.

So, get into a comfortable position for a short meditation.  If you are used to meditating on the floor in lotus or corpse position, feel free to do so.  If you are sitting in your chair, place your feet flat on the ground and your arms in whatever open position feels most comfortable for you.  Palms may be up or down.  Please close your eyes. 

I invite you to take a cleansing breath in, hold it, and release it.  Noticing the space where your lungs are empty, take another breath in, hold it, and release it.  Now, let’s do that for 3 more breaths.  Breathe in, hold it, release it and enjoy the empty space between the breaths.  Breathe in, hold it—allowing your chest to expand with the energy of life, and release.  Breathe in, hold it, and release.

As we settle more comfortably into our communion with Mother Earth, we notice our feet, or bodies feeling heavy and grounded into the floor underneath us.  This is our heart calling out to the heartbeat of Mother Earth, longing for oneness.  Envision your roots growing deep into the earth.  Feel them growing deeper and deeper.  See them exploring and winding their way down, down, closer to the center of Mother Earth.  With each breath in, experience your heart yearning for union with the Great Heartbeat.  With each breath out feel your roots growing deeper, following the call of Mother Earth.  Breathing in, we take in and accept the longing in our hearts.  Breathing out, our roots go deeper, exploring the ground below.  Breathing in,….breathing out…

We find our hearts beating more and more in time with the Great Heartbeat. … We are welcomed into the cave of Sacred Heartbeat deep in the Earth. 


Spend some time in your cave, it is yours alone.  Look around, see the wonders it holds just for you.  Settle yourself into this place created especially for you.  Feel the earth cradling your back, your head, your legs and arms. 


Rest here, fully aligned with the Sacred Heartbeat of the Great Mother. 

As we begin our ascent back to our conscious level here in this place, there is no need to bid the Sacred Heartbeat goodbye.  Bring the peaceful unity of that heartbeat back with you, deeply embedded in your own heart.  Slowly, with each breath we are rejoining our sisters and brothers, all of whom bring their experience of the Great Heartbeat and when we are ready we, we move into a readiness to experience what lies ahead.  And now, as it resonates with you, open your eyes, wiggle your fingers and toes and ready your hearts for Oneness in the drumming of life.  Namaste

copyright Carol L. Chambers 2015-2020

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