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Creative Wayfaring Community

--This is an invitation for you to join a very special community, to explore, create, reflect and participate.  

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Most people find great joy and, perhaps, healing in their interactions with nature.  Otherwise, why would you do it?  We are, almost without exception, aware of at least some subtle aspect of nature that brings out the creativity in us.  Click here to join a very special community of Creative Wayfarers. This private FaceBook group is a way to build a community with other creatives (with no limits to the form of creativity) and explore whatever creativity means in your life.  You may want to explore the transformative characteristics of the combination of Nature, Creativity, and Community or explore the process of creativity itself. On this private FaceBook group, you will have the opportunity to post examples of your own creativity, reflect upon it, welcome others' reflection and enter into dialog with fellow and sister creatives engaged in similar explorations. I, for one, miss that kind of community where you can contribute what you want, when you want and how you want. This community which takes place in a private Facebook group will be a place for members to post their creations in any format that can be utilized on FB.  So, if you want to read a poem instead of writing it, feel free.  Videos, photography, prose, poetry, crafts, get the picture.  I invite you to reflect on your process, your connection to the spiritual or other nature of your creation and invite others to respond as well. You can visit that group by clicking here or on the image.    Because it is a private group, I have included some brief questions to encourage you to determine if this group is for you.   I will commit to posting one of my original photographs or memes each week and I hope you will too. This community is what you make of it, and I hope you will decide this might be a place of inspiration, joy, enthusiasm, exploration, and, perhaps, deeper revelation.   

Many of you may already have creativity gods, goddesses, spirit guides, or muses.  If you don't (or would like to explore who else the creative universe has waiting just for you), I have included a shamanic journey that may lead you on an adventure to find such a guide or helper.  If you have not called upon someone to guide your creative processes in the past, this might be a wonderful time to invite someone in or see who is already waiting for you.  

Music from Pond5 and licensed in accordance with their terms for this website.
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