Healing Practices

When Carol works with Energy Healing whether in person or at a distance, she utilizes a three-fold approach to that work.  There are three elements that contribute to Carol's Energy Healing and Shamanic Work.  She is a  Level III Reiki practitioner and she uses the Celtic form of Chakra balancing as well.  Finally, she is a follower of Shamanic Ways and performs certain Shamanic practices.  Carol's energy work is centered in one principle.  "I believe that all the Universe vibrates with Cosmic Energy and the vibrational waves sing to our hearts, our cells, and our spirits.  We cannot be separated from the Earth if we are to be whole, healthy and authentic in this lifetime.  All these traditions insist on grounding in the reality of the sacred land on which we live".  


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Shamanism is believed to be the oldest of all spiritual traditions going back tens of thousands of years. Evidence of ancient practices have been found in multiple countries and the Celtic lands are no different.  Not all cultures describe Shamans the same, but they all shared the leadership roles in their communities.  They were healers, the keepers of the traditions through stories and poetry.  They were revered in their communities and served their communities well. 

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The Celtic Method of Chakra




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