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Forest Trees

Life in the Present

The effect of going through this process will vary from person to person. It is very important that you spend some time reflecting on how the varied histories that you have combined will affect the way you live in the present.  Do you feel that your life has more coherence or authenticity after telling your story in new and deeper ways? Are there places you would like to re-visit?  What you do now is completely up to you.  

Perhaps you will want to create your own ritual of gratitude and celebration.  Welcome to the beginning of the next part of your journey...


At times, a poem will speak to my experience:

At the edge of a forest wilderness I stand.

Seeking a path—finding there is none.

Revealing the need to forge a way for myself.

Trees, both friendly and terrifying

welcome me to this longing for peace—

this spiraling high through the branches,

lifting my spirit high to Moon, Stars, and Sun—this resting in the roots centering my heart deep, deep, deep into Mother Earth.

Standing, waiting, unsure of what to do.

The gentle whisper of the wind in the trees

and the scurry of animals in the underbrush

remind me to listen to the gentle calling of Spirit, the tender yearnings of my heart,

and to know that I carry the

Source of Light inside.

It will show the way.

I need only take those first few steps in courage and the rest will come—

one step at a time.

I stand bravely and place foot in front of foot

in trust that my Inner Light will not fail.


C. Chambers

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