Life in the Present

The effect of going through this process will vary from person to person. It is very important that you spend some time reflecting on how the varied histories that you have combined will affect the way you live in the present.  Do you feel that your life has more coherence or authenticity after telling your story in new and deeper ways? Are there places you would like to re-visit?  What you do now is completely up to you.  Just as a matter of sharing, I have included one example of how this process changed the way I look at things and the many ways I celebrate transcendence.   

Forest Trees

     I am standing in the depths of a Florida forest, my back up against a giant cypress tree.  I feel my feet firmly on the grass and dirt, rooted in the energy of Mother Earth.  Sending my roots further and further down until I touch the center of Earth Energy, I am grounded.  Raising my arms as high as they can go, I join with the branches of the tree, spreading out its welcome of Energy from Sky and Sun and Moon and Stars.

     Feeling fully grounded and centered, I begin to create my sacred space and offer up my thanks to the six directions—North, South, East, West, the sun and starry beings up above and the guardian spirits and depth of the earth below—as I have learned to do from many traditions and here from the ancient Celts and the many tribes of Native Americans:

     To the East I give thanks for the air, communication, and for the work of Spirit.  I welcome Eagle, power animal of the East into the circle.  I have learned to fly and soar on the back of Eagle, gaining new knowledge and insight into my place in all there is and my calling in the world.

To the South I give thanks for fire, energy, passion, and creativity, for new beginnings and new growth, for Truth, Beauty, and Purity.  Serpent, power animal of the South joins me as well.  From Serpent I have learned to confront my fears, my insecurities, and my former unwillingness to ‘shed my skin’ of all that does not serve me well.

     To the West I give thanks for water, emotion, psyche, movement, for endings and for the fulness of life. To Jaguar, power animal of the West, I give welcome and gratitude.  In the eyes of Jaguar, I have begun to claim my personal power and recognize the good that power can do.

     To the North I give thanks for earth, home, security, fertility, for wisdom and thought. For the perseverance of Hummingbird, power animal of the North, I give my awe and thankfulness for its example.  Hummingbird teaches me of the lengths we must go to ‘come home’ and the journeys that we must undertake to do the same.

     I welcome the power of Mother Earth who supports me and keeps me safely in my reality of all that I am and can be.  I thank her for all that she shows me in the deepest part of her energy, in her pathways to places I now visit again and again to learn of new ways to heal and be healed. I welcome all the spirits of below and I welcome the beauty of the stars, sun and moon and rejoice in the upward pull to change and places of the highest learning and awareness. I give thanks to all the ancestors, ascended masters, and spirit helpers who have joined me in this circle.  I welcome and am grateful to the Spirits of the ancestors, the Hidden Folk, the Land, all helping spirits who share their wisdom, healing, and unconditional love.  

     I have come to a place of great spiritual understanding that enables me to wrap the arms of my heart around my whole self.  I am a wounded healer and I give thanks. I rejoice in all that the Source of All Energy is doing in and through me.  I take time for my own healing and am tender with the symptoms that still need my love and attention from time to time, grateful to have come through it all to this day when I can touch the joy that always seemed just out of reach.

Perhaps you will want to create your own ritual of gratitude and celebration.  Welcome to the beginning of the next part of your journey...