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Times, Places, and Events


Here is the best place to start. 


What are the significant life events that you remember?  Do you remember what led up to it (such as dad/mom lost their job and we had to move)?  Do you remember the outcome (such as I hated the school, hated it, hated it, hated it. Eventually, I accepted it, but I never liked it)?

Develop some sort of timeline that works for you.  Leave plenty of room between  events for all those parts of your life events that come to you as you are moving on.  Make sure to leave space for you to add in your spiritual journey on the same timeline.  Something like this might work:


Life Events

Memories relating to my spirituality at the time

1952-born in Indiana--had big brother--parents argued a lot--big extended family--fairly sickly childhood--lung and ear issues--

Started first grade at 7--liked school--rode the school bus--missed a lot of school in First Grade because of health problems--cousins became more important

Moved to Alabama in 1959--devastaed to leave my grandparents and cousins--did not understand the need to move

Parents divorced when I was 11-didn't quite understand--but was somewhat relieved that the fighting might be over--didn't understand how hard it would be on my mother to raise to children by herself.  Father in and out for visits, but did not make any attempt to assist my mother monetarily

Pleasant Title

1970-graduated HS and started College--new friends and freedom

Pleasant Title

Graduated College--taught school--left to pursue a Masters' Degree

1979--son was born--unsure about parenting skills--divorced when he was five

1984--Moved to New York

As you can see, this will take some time and care. This sample only covers approximately 30 years of someone's life.  Most of us have lived far longer than that.  This is just an example.  You should feel free to do this anyway that works for you.  

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