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I am a Wounded Healer who continues to explore the Mystical Web of my own life story that I began with the publication of my memoir (The Journey of a Wounded Healer: The Mystical Web of Spirituality and Mental Illness) 2019.  It was a process that both enriched my life and I encourage others to explore Mystical Web of theirs. I am a Storyteller, a Listener and a Guide. As an Elder Healer and Guide, I assist others as they discover how their spiritual and life experiences both inform and impact the mystical web they experience in their unique life stories in wholeness and authenticity. This is never a linear journey because our life spirals and weaves wonderful interconnections between our lived experiences, our spiritual explorations and our growth and change as people who seek authenticity.  We need to reconnect with our authenticity and the world needs us to do so as well.  Exploring the interwoven webs of our lives we engage in co-creative authenticity.

The Mystical Web of Integration and Wholeness

Our lives are complicated, meandering, and changing.  The events and phases of our experiences, the integration of our spiritual and emotional pathways are always transcendent in nature and are waiting for us to follow our yearning for wholeness, coherence, and authenticity.  As go-getters in the 21st Century we are often inclined to jump straight to the present-to what's next-when what might be helpful is for us to allow ourselves to re-explore the totality of our lives, seeing where one experience leads to another while all reside within a a spiraling and constantly changing psychological and spiritual context.   It allows us to bring clarity to our unique tree of life that holds our psychological, physical, and spiritual paths. Using a special approach to the storytelling of your life I invite you to engage in this mystical (and magical) path that offers many ways for you to find increased clarity and step into the wholeness that is yours in your special journey. 

In the both the psycho-therapeutic and spiritual healing communities, the "past" is oftentimes viewed as a part of our lives to discover and leave behind once it is explored (or not).  We may look at many aspects of our past as events from which we must be healed and that is indeed true.  But there is more to be discovered when every aspect of our lives is integrated into a whole, as spiraling and weblike as that may be.  True authenticity comes with full integration and loving acceptance of our lives, our spirituality and the areas where we are still growing.  


My personal journey gives me particular insight when working with those of you who experience depression, anxiety, or mental illness, but this is a process that will bring everyone who truly follows the pathway of exploration to increased clarity, understanding, and healing.

My work continues to evolve and expands my passion for finding authenticity and clarity in my life story while helping others along the way do the same.     

Some of What You Will Find on the Website

My  Story

For a very long time I labored under the notion that I had to be "spiritual" in all the ways that others described their spirituality.  Later in life, I came to a place that has been increasingly important to my spiritual growth and expanding journey...

What is the Role of a Guide?

Here you will find some ways that I am happy to assist anyone seeking guidance in approaching a process of integration and the embracing of wholeness.  


Here you will find some guided meditations that I have created throughout my journey.  Perhaps

you will find them meaningful

as well...

Shamanic Practices

As I explored ways to understand the fullness of my own story I was drawn to Shamanism because Shamans and those who engage in Shamanic practices universally accept the belief that all beings, all of nature, all animals--everything is alive and filled with the Spirit of Life... 



Creativity is a vital part of exploring and integrate your life in wholeness.  On this page I've shared examples of both my original art and "memes" that I post on Social Media...


There are some spiritual leaders from all backgrounds who believe that being "spiritual" or experiencing energy healing, doing shadow work, or whatever practice in which one is engaged is incompatible with living with mental illness, depression, anxiety,  or whatever one experiences.  I do not.  My lifelong struggle with mental illness is part of the wounding I bring to this process and I am passionate about talking about it and encouraging others to talk about their own experiences as well.  It is an example, though an important one, of ways our life experiences weave together as a whole.  One more thing--there is still a great deal of stigma attached to all forms of mental and emotional struggles even in some spiritual communities.  I hope that by embracing my wounding as a survivor of mental illness that I may contribute to the breaking down of that stigma. 


My own spiritual practices are profoundly Nature based. Strong Oak Spirit was conceived as a continuation of my early ministry and service and the growth I have experienced as I have moved into different traditions and meaningful spiritual practices.  It serves as a sacred space to celebrate and embrace all traditions that honor the Source of Love, encourage oneness with Mother Earth and Nature  and cherish all expressions of Sacred Energy both in this present life and in Spirit where our ancestors and spirit helpers walk with us on our journeys.