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Shamanic Ways



My Own Experience in Art and  Awe

I find delight in continuing to explore the mystical Interconnections of my own life story. I've taken many spins around the sun and have learned one thing above all--that the source of my own joy, spiritual insights, and, sometimes healing lies within the deepest part of my heart, and, yes, my soul. I am a healer who follows the Shamanic ways.  In both healing for myself and with others, I am called to understand that it is by allowing myself to be used by Spirit I am both healed and able to be used by Spirit to bring healing to others. Opening and holding space for others to explore their relationship with Nature, whether spiritual or not, and the creativity that springs from that relationship has become my primary offering to the world. I do so with photography, with the creation of social posts, and writing.  I love finding "awe in the ordinary". With Mother Earth fighting for her life because of the lack of care of humankind, this seems a profoundly needed enterprise at this time. Just as important, as we, the inhabitants of this beautiful creation become tempted to move away from this sacred connection, I seek to consciously immerse myself in the creative connection, of art, awe, and appreciation. 
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About my own spiritual practices:    For a very long time I labored under the notion that I had to be "spiritual" in all the ways that others described their spirituality.  Later in life, I came to a place that has been increasingly important to my spiritual growth and expanding journey.  I began to simplify my own journey, focusing on Celtic Shamanism (because that is where my calling manifested as my spiritual life matured) and I determined to listen to and appreciate the pathways of others rather than demand that I try to appropriate them as my own.  I found that I could be in complete harmony with those who practiced in completely different ways, while I was centered on what was increasingly meaningful to me.  So my practices, while simple, are deeply earth and nature-based, shamanic in focus, and profoundly authentic in my own spiritual story.  My Spirit Allies connect me to Source that is both within myself and in the Earth.  And, most of all, we are all ONE.

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I am an amateur nature photographer, creator of memes, producer of guided meditations, and an author.  You will find access to all of these aspects of my transformative work under the tabs in the menu.  I hope some or all of these examples of my creativity do two things--bring you some enjoyment and show you that we all have creativity waiting to be explored and celebrated in gratitude to our Great Mother and all the Spirit Allies who walk this journey with us.  My public FaceBook page, Nature's Song-Photographs & Memes by Carol Chambers is the place for you to find recent postings of my recent creations.  

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Under the tab Meditations you will find some guided meditations that I have created in the last few years.  The topics vary and you may find something that speaks to you someday.  These are my gifts to you.  

Please visit the page My Memoir for information about my story as a wounded healer, reviews of my first book and ways to purchase it.  


Under the tab "Bonus Pages", you will find access to a process that I developed to encourage anyone who is looking to make the connection between their chronological story and the evolving of their spiritual practices and beliefs.  It is the process that I used in writing my memoir and I thought it might be helpful to anyone who is in that process.  It is timeless and priceless work--this seeking to bring coherence and authenticity to the telling of the lives we live.  Perhaps this will speak to you.  

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