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I am a wounded healer...

...who continues to explore the Mystical Web of my own life story.  The process that I used in the writing and publication of my memoir (The Journey of a Wounded Healer: The Mystical Web of Spirituality and Mental Illness, 2019) was a life altering experience and created the desire to encourage others to explore their story. I am a Storyteller, a Listener and a Guide. They say that in the midst of difficulties, one often finds their purpose in life and I have found mine. My role as Elder Healer and Guide is simply to share my process and encourage you as you embark on your own mystical journey to discover how your spiritual and life experiences are intertwined.  By exploring the interwoven webs of our lives we engage in co-creative authenticity.

About this website...

I think that you will find that this webpage is a very different sort of webpage.  It is my intention that it serve two purposes.  The first is a new purpose--over the years, since the publication of my memoir--"The Journey of a Wounded Healer--The Mystical Web of Mental Illness and Spirituality"--I have been working on developing a way to share the method that I used to tell my story to encourage others to tell theirs in a wholistic, coherent, and authentic way.  We are not always encouraged to do that.  So, in the first part of my webpage, I have outlined a process which you may want to pursue if you are looking for a way to begin the storytelling of your own life.  Let me be clear--even though my own story has an element in it relating to mental illness this process will work for anyone seeking to have a greater understanding of their life story. 


It is a matter of transparency for me to acknowledge the role mental illness played in my own story.  

​The rest of the webpage looks and feels like my regular webpage with individual tabs relating to the rest of my work and some additional information on some of the methods I used as I was working through the storytelling of my own life. I hope that you find my webpage to be a creative journey as well as a helpful process. Awhile ago, I gave up the traditional rules about webpage design and determined that I wanted the webpage to exhibit creativity and a sense of joy!  Welcome!  

For those of you who made your way by social media to view more of my photography or original memes, please click here or on the tab "Creativity & Story."