I am a "wounded Healer".  My "wounding" comes from childhood trauma and living with an almost life-long undiagnosed and mis-diagnosed mental illness.  My new book is a memoir comprised mostly of the way my life with mental illness unfolded and the wholeness that I found in the re-telling and re-interpreting of the story that I had been told since infancy.  My desire is that the telling of my story will help others who suffer with mental illness and people who care about and for them find a renewed sense of hope and determination to live the best life possible.  We embrace the fact that we are perfect just the way we are created, that we have a purpose while we are on this earth, that we all have a legacy to leave when we are gone, and that we have the creativity and courage to do all those things.  Welcome to my world. 

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite


                       [This book] is a memoir and spiritual odyssey...  It is the story of a woman who lived with a mental illness for six decades before discovering that bipolar disorder had caused her so much depression, anxiety, addiction, anorexia, and the spiritual restlessness she’d suffered since childhood. It is a story of anguish and pain,  but also a surprising tale of healing  and deepening spirituality.

In a voice that is strong, confident and compassionate, the author shares her story from childhood, unveiling the deepest wounds in her heart and the numerous challenges when it came to holding onto life and developing strong and healthy relationships. Her quest for a deep spiritual understanding intersected with her malady. Her journey was one of discovering the truth about her mental illness and unlocking the wells of spirituality that would transform her entire life. Carol L. Chambers’ perception of life is exemplified in this book and as the reader turns the pages, they begin to understand the connection the author develops with Mother Earth. There are so many spiritually rich passages for the reader to appreciate and enjoy. The Journey of a Wounded Healer is inspiring, a story that encourages readers to learn to listen to the spiritual voice that speaks from their hearts and to find the hidden oasis in the desert of life. Written in great prose and in symbolic language, this book will compel readers to seek healing in that which causes them pain.

From Recent Reviews on Amazon.com:


"Carol has fashioned a unique and sparkling pearl out of a mountain of suffering and turmoil!...Thank you, Carol, for a deep dive, a painful search, and a bright light -- let it shine, let it shine, let it shine."


"Her story brought tears to my soul. Carol Chambers writes from her heart. A must read for anyone in the mental health field and anyone in who is a spiritual leader."


"I am in Awe of Carols open & honest sharing in this wonderful book.I have worked in the mental health field and believe every Patient, family member & worker in this field should read this book." 

"Carol's masterfully written book tells of her life long journey to understand and stabilize her mental and spiritual well-being. It is an absorbing and painful, yet hopeful read."

"A beautiful exploration of the link between mental illness and spirituality."

I am committed to my work with others who also contend with Mental Illness as well as those who love or  work with them.  My memoir is my first step in my calling to this work. I also still do work in       spirituality and the interrelationship between mental illness and spirituality. Please use the menu       above to find out more about my two blogs, upcoming workshops, events and a new                           Facebook Community. Coming soon--information about my other creative projects.

​While the path may be unknown at times, the journey is always a tender calling from Spirit        to our spirits--a yearning to see us in sacred relationship with the holy or transcendent,                 with our precious selves, with each other, and with the earth. 


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